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What is the meaning of Iberian in Hindi?

Meaning of Iberian in Hindi is :

Definition of word Iberian

Examples of word Iberian

  • Marcelnad, who posted the video is from Barcelona and has it labeled as "iberian goat".
  • The mexican way of pronouncing the j is much softer than the iberian or castillian one but essentially the same.
  • A white Anglo Saxon is the father of the Hispanic race, not the Romans that conquered the iberian penisula Spain in the heart of Europe or The white European Spaniards that settled in latin America, Cervantes was not white European as Shaspeaker according to your ethnocentric and ignorant comments, probably your are like millions of Americans highly deficient in geography.
  • So, those hispanoamericans intelectuals came back to their contries with a name that was more positive because it refers not only to iberian countries but firstly to roman civilisation and its sons : Italy, France, which are countries that represented the cultural elite of western civilisation.
  • I'd given him the name of a hotel I'd seen on the way here, the Great iberian, a red -- brick hulk with no lights in the windows, only the sign hanging above the doors with its capital S missing, almost certainly closed at this hour, possibly derelict, it didn't make any difference, there was nowhere we could stay tonight until I could raise Ferris, nowhere in this whole bloody city.


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