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What is the meaning of Ich in Hindi?

Meaning of Ich in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ich

  • literal transcription of Freud’s German-language psychological term “Ich”, more often termed ego in English. See ego. (proper noun)

Examples of word Ich

  • Jazz singers seemed to love Donaldson's songs more than anybody—Billie Holiday asked "Did I Remember?" and Ella Fitzgerald even sang "You're Driving Me Crazy" in German "Ich fuhle mich crazy".
  • Almost totally blind, Margarete Susman died in Zürich on January 16, 1966, shortly after completing her memoirs, entitled Ich habe viele leben gelebt (I have lived many lives).
  • Fraulein Hedwig's favourite song was called Ich liebe dich, I love you; and one evening after she had sung this, when Philip was standing with her on the balcony, looking at the stars, it occurred to him to make some remark about it.
  • The Face of Fu Manchu (1965) ... aka Ich, Dr. Fu Man Chu (West Germany) ... aka The Mask of Fu Manchu
  • The psalm settings range from the rather simple tricinia of the 1588 collection where they alternate with similar settings by his son Rudolph to the great six-part psalm-motets such as Ich ruff zu dir, using paraphrased and cantus-firmus versions of the borrowed melodies, in the French–German volume of 1590.
  • Approximately one-eighth [52] of Gerhardt's hymns begin with "Ich," while not one of Luther's begins this way.
  • "Ich" (I) is not yet said, but if I ask "Who is 'me'?" then the child names himself with his own name, as he does in general.
  • The word "Ich" (I) made its appearance in the thirtieth month.
  • He has fallen down and worshipped that miserable 'Ich' of his, and made that, and not God's will, the centre and root of his philosophy, his poetry, and his self-idolizing æsthetics; and when it fails him, then for prussic acid, and nonentity.