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What is the meaning of Illinois in Hindi?

Meaning of Illinois in Hindi is :

Definition of word Illinois

Examples of word Illinois

  • Yes | No | Report from whitetailkjf wrote 4 weeks 1 hour ago to own 600 acres in illinois backing up to a forest preserve
  • Photo By tennesseedeerhunter the 15 and 8 was killed in illinois the 7 and 5 was killed in Tennessee
  • Yes | No | Report from whitetailkjf wrote 1 week 6 days ago well here in illinois i have seen a 14 point with 2 drop tines and bigger
  • Yes | No | Report from whitetailkjf wrote 3 weeks 3 days ago here in illinois we still have saturday and sunday left so I am going all day saturday and maybe sunday.
  • The country essentially hated him when he was leaving office. after lincoln left office he retired to his ranch in illinois and practiced law pro bono until he died of stoke at the age of 72. in later years he and jefferson davis became best friends after davis had a change of heart and helped usher in and enlightened era of civil rights for blacks in the former confederacy.


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