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What is the meaning of Imagineer in Hindi?

Meaning of Imagineer in Hindi is :

Definition of word Imagineer

  • A Disney employee responsible for creative planning and engineering. (noun)

Examples of word Imagineer

  • "Imagineer" Bernie Karl and his wife, Connie, own Chena Hot Springs Resort near Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • Sepector, a renowned video game designer, grew up with dreams of working for Disney, from his applying to be an Imagineer in 1988 to teaching animation at the University of Texas.
  • Behind the Scenes Imagineer Chris Crump said the closest parallel he can think of to building a theme-park ride is the space program.
  • Sam Comen for The Wall Street Journal 'We're kind of like an old married couple,' said Imagineer Chris Crump, center, of his longtime colleague Larry Nikolai, right.
  • I have known him as a visionary, an "Imagineer" (a term coined by Walt Disney), an entertainment industry talent executive (that's an agent), a successful entrepreneur, and as a friend.


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