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What is the meaning of Inc. in Hindi?

Meaning of Inc. in Hindi is :

Definition of word Inc.

  • incorporated (abbreviation)

Examples of word Inc.

  • Mollie Hogan of HoopDazzle, inc. is a HoopDance Instructor and a “facilitator in helping people find their own inner radiance.”
  • Before long, there were four companies in operation, each addressing an important phase: marketing, design, production, and teaching. mfa/eronga, inc. is an allied U. S.-based marketing and distribution company which channels the product to an exclusive, dedicated national distributor who understands the needs of residential and commercial markets.
  • This interesting tidbit just in from Barbara Fullerton: Palm, inc. is changing its name to palmOne this fall.
  • Mollie notes, Even though HoopDazzle, inc. is my primary hooping business name, I trademarked a subsidiary called Hoop-To-Heal that I’m using to teach free classes to people who want to use hooping as a form of healing.
  • An "inc." after a candidate's name signifies the incumbent.


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