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What is the meaning of Jake in Hindi?

Meaning of Jake in Hindi is :

Definition of word Jake

  • Adequate; satisfactory; acceptable. (adjective)
  • A juvenile male turkey. (noun)

Examples of word Jake

    • As long as you keep quiet when the gobbler/jake is within sight, you'll be able to shoot some birds.
    • Wed 10/14/09 12: 54 AM jake is the guy women overlook, but then thier boyfrirnds treat them like dirt and they come crying to the guy deemed “too nice”. they only get what they DESERVE!
    • Branee_Hippie (1/16/2009 6: 52: 19 PM) i loved twilight. i like all the actors. anyone who thinks they need a new jake is wrong. thou i do think they rushed through, and it was diff. from the book. but without comparing it was great!!!
    • Tue 10/13/09 11: 36 PM reid would’ve been a MUCH better choice! jake is cute but he doesnt have much charisma, he’s really vanilla!!
    • Council also gave final approval to Mr. Shields 'bill to ban truck drivers' use of noisy compression brakes -- otherwise known as jake brakes -- within city limits.


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