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What is the meaning of Jake in Hindi?

Meaning of Jake in Hindi is :

Definition of word Jake

  • A male given name. (proper noun)

Examples of word Jake

  • I really think in the long run the dude that they want to be BIG JAKE is hot and a good actor, you have to think of the future after new moon 2 more movies and Jake is in all of them alot of Breaking Dawn CG is expensive so what if we lose some of the story because they have to work so hard to make Lautner huge?
  • TEAM JAKE (still love Edward though just like Jake more so no offence to Team EDWARD)
  • Well I didn think it would happen this early in the trip but it has, jake and i have gone seperate ways not cause of any issues just because we want to o different thigs, Jake is loving it in plymouh enjoying he ork where as i just didn like it, im not ready to stop traveling yet i havnt seen anywhere near enough of wat i want to, worked a couple of shifts and just thought i cant start workagain already no way! so iv come back to london, iv got the flu but nearly over it, planning where to go fro here flights to rome seem cheap and its the one place iv always wanted to go so its looking good! going to have to get my camera fixed tho so i can take photos of the place!
  • Captain Jake is a short, but fast-paced easy fiction that many boys and girls would enjoy.
  • One, two, three… Ten thousand people were on their feet screaming his name Jake!