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What is the meaning of Jas in Hindi?

Meaning of Jas in Hindi is :

Definition of word Jas

  • Horny (desiring sexual activity) (adjective)

Examples of word Jas

  • I assumed from the article that an English j was meant (so that "-jas" would be more or less like "jus'" as in "jus' a minute"), but Michael's comment assumes a Spanish/Mexican j (ie, a guttural fricative).
  • ''I can's say with absolute certainty that the fuel jas not melted, Junichi Matsumoto said, adding that the firm had been unable to confirm the condition of the reactor's core.
  • It is a sad that opposing opinions cannot be exchanged in a dignified manner jas
  • You can get these from germandeli. com - they are currently on sale for $2.99 - it may be the most expensive way on earth to get them, though! jas May 23
  • En Amelie heeft over een maand een nieuwe jas/gambeson.


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