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What is the meaning of Jerry in Hindi?

Meaning of Jerry in Hindi is : क्षुद्र पदार्थ

Definition of word Jerry

  • German (proper noun)

Examples of word Jerry

  • "DEAR JERRY JUNIOR: I hope you don't mind being called" Jerry
  • "Cowster Back To The Future" by Jerry Ong: ©Jerry Ong Spots are limited to the first 20 candidates who meet the requirements, which are pretty tough.
  • [Illustration: JERRY GIVES TOM A LESSON IN SHOOTING.] "It would have cut his top-knot off, Jerry, and that is all.
  • Officials say the naturalized U.S. citizen from Haiti came to Odessa as a ninth-grader using the name Jerry Joseph.
  • Beyond all doubt, this Jerry is the sole survivor of the Arangi.
  • Hairston's talents are rivaled only by his bloodlines (his brother Jerry is the Orioles 'second baseman and his dad, uncle and grandfather also played).
  • Wright, who still calls Montimere by the name Jerry, said he was livid once he learned Joseph wasn't who he said he was.
  • In an earlier version of this article the name of Jerry del Missier, co-CEO of Barclay Capital, was misspelled as Jerry del Messier.
  • He didn't want to stay in Jerry Rice's shadow too long.