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What is the meaning of Jess in Hindi?

Meaning of Jess in Hindi is : फुंदना

Definition of word Jess

  • A short strap fastened around the leg of a bird used in falconry, to which a leash may be fastened. (noun)
  • To fasten a strap around the leg of a hawk. (verb)
  • A compact coal-like, velvet-black mineral, with a polish making it fit for use in jewelry. (noun)
  • A very dark, velvety black shade. (noun)

Examples of word Jess

  • March 2nd, 2010 at 9: 03 pm dbadass says: uutrinko: jess is not gonna be happy dude …
  • She needed to live a little all she ever did was hide behinnd school and books she was young let her live. jess got her into a car accident. and don't get me wrong jess is one of the best looking boyfriends rory has ever had, but he left her with no explanation and then tried to come back and tell her to runaway with him away from her mom a.k.a. her bestfriend besides lane. anyway rory and logan are so cute together and he didn't mess around on her they were broken up he didn't know they were on a break cause he never been in a real relationship before.
  • No you don’t dude with a f ucked up name. jess, is a skank
  • Who do u think has the nicest dad: weird, i hardly ever see any of my friends 'dads. i was always afraid to call jess because her dad scared me, though ... lol
  • Jess Johanson karen newton said: On August 8, 2009 hey jess, looking good.