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What is the meaning of Jing in Hindi?

Meaning of Jing in Hindi is :

Definition of word Jing

Examples of word Jing

  • In Chinese, the three levels are called jing, qi, and shen, and are thought of as anchoring, aligning, and adapting in The Way of The Fertile Soul.
  • She pronounced it carefully for me, and it sounded like a long e followed by the word jing as in jingle bells.
  • And every step with that foot brought a light little "jing".
  • Someone pointed out what I, too, have been saying at rather than tonewscasters all these years...it's "jing" as in "jingle," not "j" as in the French or other European "j's."
  • At our institution we have started using both written feedback as well the tutor going over an assignment with voiceover, using a screencapture tool such as jing or screentoaster … Our trainees have had very positive responses to this, firstly because it’s more personalized and, secondly, because they have a sense the human contact – the affect responds instantly and helps the trainee be more receptive to tutor comments.


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