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What is the meaning of Johannes in Hindi?

Meaning of Johannes in Hindi is :

Definition of word Johannes

  • An old Portuguese gold coin bearing a figure of John V of Portugal. (noun)

Examples of word Johannes

  • I expected a far far better showing from McCain during this Presidential campaign. johannes
  • The moidore was worth six pieces of eight, the pistole four, the johannes eight.
  • To this place I brought with me from my late master's, two johannes, three old Spanish dollars, and two thousand of coppers, besides five pounds of my wife's money.
  • I shouldn't be able to pay my creditors in good gold Portuguese half-johannes and Spanish doubloons, and be free of Spanish silver, and give no heed to the bitt, which, as you perhaps know, is equal to fivepence in British money, such as you and I used to spend when you were Queen of
  • Of gold pieces there were the johannes, or joe, the doubloon, the moidore, and pistole, with English and French guineas, carolins, ducats, and chequins.


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