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What is the meaning of Kant in Hindi?

Meaning of Kant in Hindi is :

Definition of word Kant

  • A city in Kyrgyzstan (proper-noun)
  • A small lunar impact crater that is located to the northwest of the prominent Cyrillus crater (proper-noun)

Examples of word Kant

    • "Phenomenality and Materiality in Kant" is that the loss of "the architectonic unity of the system ... marks the undoing of the aesthetic as a valid category" and "undoes the very project of such a philosophy"
    • The rationalist in Kant was impelled to finish the house he had framed even though he didn't have much interest in interior decoration.
    • As Kirwan explains (clearer than Kant does), in Kant's aesthetics, an aesthetic judgement is not something you do, it's something that happens to you, and the philosophical circle to be squared is in knowing that such a judgement is, in fact, happening.
    • Kant is far too good a philosopher to traffic in the usual 18th-century aesthetic concept of "rummaging among the details of individual subjectivity for the grounds of the aesthetic," as James Kirwan puts it, but he doesn't really come up with anything solid in its place, even as Enlightenment habit causes him to maintain the possibility of a universally valid judgement.
    • He clearly attacks the Kantian division of the real and apparent worlds (the reality perceived by our senses, according to Kant, is the apparent world, while the true reality exists outside of perception) in Twilight of the Idols, where he writes “The ‘apparent’ world is the only one: the ‘real’ world has only been lyingly added.”


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