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What is the meaning of Kate in Hindi?

Meaning of Kate in Hindi is :

Definition of word Kate

  • The brambling finch, Fringilla montifringilla. (noun)

Examples of word Kate

  • Will CNN report every time a private citizen donates to the GOP, or just is its CNN infatuation with Sarah Palin kate
  • Kristy im loving juliette and jack together kate is too indisive and cant commit to one decision for long. do you think juliette's sister or her sister's baby is gonna have some connection too?
  • Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 10: 42 PM EST not gonna lie i almost cried when they called kate's name!
  • So that this is "to hold the truth in unrighteousness," injuriously to suppress it, and to hinder the power and efficacy of it upon their minds and actions; for so the word kate'chein sometimes signifies, as well as to hold fast; and this every man does, who acts contrary to what he believes and knows; he offers violence to the light of his own mind, and does injury to the truth, and keeps that a prisoner which would set him free; "ye shall know the truth (says our Lord), and the truth shall make you free."
  • I personally dont think the designs are that unique and most designers agree with me too calling kate moss a copycat.


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