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What is the meaning of Kerman in Hindi?

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  • KERMAN CARPETS: The town of Kerman is in Eastern Iran, and has always been one the carpet weaving centers.
  • KERMAN - The lonely drive into Kerman on Whitesbridge Road -- a straight shot through miles of vineyards in west Fresno County -- suddenly gets personal.
  • Organic Pastures is located near Fresno, CA actually it is in Kerman, which is next to Raisin City, which is actually a bunch of grape fields from what I could see .
  • KASRA NAJI, CNN CORRESPONDENT: They haven't arrived here yet, but they have arrived in the town of Kerman, which is about 200 kilometers south of here.
  • And it was bound for Kerman, which is in south central Iran.
  • And there have been two planes from the United States that have landed in Kerman, which is about 200 kilometers from here.
  • Authorities in the provincial capital, also called Kerman, convened an emergency meeting to oversee rescue operations.