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What is the meaning of Kern in Hindi?

Meaning of Kern in Hindi is : कर्ण

Definition of word Kern

Examples of word Kern

  • "Growing up gay in Kern County, you have all this opposition to you," he said.
  • But that wasn't terribly uncommon practice in Kern's time.
  • Doing My Part For The Left takes a look at the bigotry of homophobic Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma and wipes tears from his eyes as he reads a letter to Rep Sally Kern from a young man who knows what it is to lose a loved one.
  • Former Charmed executive producer Brad Kern is trying to develop a television series based on the Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters: The Secret Hour. [via SciFi Wire]
  • The exterior boundaries of Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1 are hereby extended to include the following-described public lands and private lands in Kern County, California:
  • The monkeys in Kern’s office, known as Bruce and George, are not only responsive to Kern and to each other, but also to monkeys in other offices, notably that of principal research scientist Chris Schmandt, Kern’s thesis advisor, and the offices of other members of the Speech Interface Group.
  • When the first marker was found a couple of weeks ago under the home on the 400 block of Eastern Avenue, resident Doug Bulkowski called the Kern County Sheriff's Office.