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What is the meaning of Knight in Hindi?

Meaning of Knight in Hindi is : सूरमा

Definition of word Knight

  • An English status surname for someone who was a mounted soldier. (proper noun)
    किसी घुड़सवार सैनिक के लिए एक अंग्रेजी स्थिति उपनाम।

Examples of word Knight

  • Per BBC News, Ive, a native of Chingford, was awarded with the title Knight Commander of the British Empire KBE.
  • The witless scripting is matched by the dialogue, and the title Knight and Day is feeble joking.
  • OVERVIEW: Knight is the brother of Brevin Knight and spent four years at Pittsburgh, leading the Panthers to the "Sweet 16" of the NCAA Tournament his last two seasons.
  • They get an area favorite who will draw fans and also fills a need since Brevin Knight is a free agent and probably will move on.
  • There are 85 New Zealanders who now have the option of being awarded the title Knight or Dame Grand Companion.
  • The change also means 85 New Zealanders now have the option of being awarded the title Knight or Dame.
  • I have to say Meta Knight is the ONLY character that i ever wanted in this game.
  • Dark Knight is nothing if not a pastiche of the 1990s Batman.