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What is the meaning of Koch in Hindi?

Meaning of Koch in Hindi is :

Definition of word Koch

Examples of word Koch

  • This is a typical Maya pun on the word koch, which can mean "bear on the shoulders" or "disease" (as divine punishment).
  • The inimitable Warren Ellis points us to a pair of lush new online short films by New York-based directors and designers violet suk and martin koch.
  • In Arles, while exploring van Gogh's famous masterpiece locations, I discovered how to pronounce his name correctly (vun 'koch' like the Scots say 'loch').
  • Not only do they fund “Americans for Prosperity” but then “Americans for Prosperity” in turn funds 289 websites of assorted names puffing themselves up to look like a big crowd.truthiest. blogspot.com/2009/08/koch-industries-astroturfing-against. html
  • These clowns like koch need to be put in a garage with the doors closed and the car running for for 10 to 15 minutes and ask him if the air is ok, then turn on some heat lamps untill he sweats his greasy ass off then he will see what earth will be like if we do nothing.


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