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What is the meaning of Kris in Hindi?

Meaning of Kris in Hindi is :

Definition of word Kris

  • A diminutive of the female given names Kristina, Christina, and related given names. (proper-noun)
  • A diminutive of the male given names Christopher, Christian, and related given names. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Kris

    • Clearly Kris is a man suffering from the pernicious ravages of Damsel in Distress Syndrome, a latter-day Galahad — at least, I thought so, until I took a look at his other postcard.
    • Maybe America found it easier to get behind the underdog, or maybe they saw more of themselves in Kris Allen.
    • I kid you not - every time we go back home to Austin Kris makes me stop there so he can get tortillas and queso as soon as we get off the plane - even it it's 2 in the morning!
    • Kris is probably the most interesting among these to a general audience.
    • If my scare tactics don't work, rest assured, I will be calling Kris Jenner.


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