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What is the meaning of Lake in Hindi?

Meaning of Lake in Hindi is : सरोवर

Definition of word Lake

Examples of word Lake

  • If no one told you it was a lake, the 118 by 307 mile Lake
  • ANTHONY LAKE: National Security AdviserCamera-shy, a former Carter aide and cattle farmer, Lake has shed his "dovish" rep and redefined this usually high-profile foreign-policy role, refusing to appear on the Sunday-morning talk shows and saving his counsel for the president.
  • It was a manmade lake, and it comes in from Meer (ph) Lake and then goes out Lake Delton, down into the river, which we never thought this would happen.
  • I have also been, upon return home, invested with a quest by justbeast: this summer, I am to visit every island on the lake, except the ones which are owned by others and off limits, and bury a stone I have painted myself there, and then I shall be a Lady of the Lake right and proper, and Erie and I will understand each other.
  • Although the BBC graphic shows the river higher than the lake makes sense — the river drains down hill to the Gulf – Lake level I think politicians felt there was less to fear from the lake side.


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