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What is the meaning of Lanier in Hindi?

Meaning of Lanier in Hindi is :

Definition of word Lanier

  • a leather thong (noun)
  • a strap used to secure armor (noun)

Examples of word Lanier

    • When I attempted to change the size of these pictures, too much was lost in the transition; I apologize for the inconvenience, but to appreciate these photos, you will have to click on each individual link. lake-lanier-033. jpg lake-lanier-048. jpg lake-lanier-028. jpg lake-lanier-052. jpg
    • [21: 07] Angela Talamasca: wasn't lanier on the lab's board for awhile?
    • Robert will bring to the Mayor's office the TOUGH, TESTED, PROVEN LEADERSHIP skills that have characterized his distinguished career as a police chief, corrections commissioner, federal security director and successful businessman. justjess: lanier 77, I hear you and it is so refreshing to read from those with such a great dept of understanding.
    • This is the video of the Indianas Got Talent contestant Yolanda lanier.
    • i caught a big bream on a part of burrito in lake lanier


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