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What is the meaning of Lao in Hindi?

Meaning of Lao in Hindi is :

Definition of word Lao

  • A person of Lao ethnicity. (noun)
  • The official language of Laos (closely related to Thai). (proper-noun)
  • Of, from, or pertaining to Laos, the Lao people or the Lao language. (adjective)

Examples of word Lao

  • Thus, Qin Lao's mute servant Zhou in Sichuan province (or, if you will, Qin Lao himself in his near-sterility), or Kyllikki a millennium later in the Village of the Sled Dogs, deaf from a fever, or noble Ming Tao born with
  • As for the historical characters: Qin Lao's sober perseverance and determination to get his experiments right, c'est moi.
  • “She has … [short conversation in Lao with his buddy] … experience!”
  • Granted, compared to everywhere else in Lao, Vientiane is a crazy big city, but I am instantly relieved of any Asian-Urban-Stress here in Vientiane when I remember Saigon, Hanoi, Dhaka, Hong Kong, Kolkata …
  • Just a year ago, when my friend Hadley Robinson was in Lao, there were reportedly no ATMs.


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