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What is the meaning of Lear in Hindi?

Meaning of Lear in Hindi is :

Definition of word Lear

  • Something learned; a lesson. (noun)
  • Learning, lore; doctrine. (noun)
  • Alternative form of lehr. (noun)
  • To teach. (verb)
  • To learn. (verb)

Examples of word Lear

  • Tell it to the people that are unemployed and losing everything while you fly around in lear jets drinking wine.
  • What a beautiful Pussy you are!'...oh come on, mr lear, that is so definitive, you're not even trying to hide it any more...
  • The constant practice of our profession is the surest road to "lear" or affluence.
  • "I'm am sick to death of false reporting by the media, spoke with the o'lear's this morning and mitch the reporter did not try to contact lenny's father or mother. he left a message to speak with lenny. why in the world would he even mention his father's name? the olears are pillars in macomb twp and both parents and boys have always had postions in helping others. lenny is no different. he will prevail."
  • We sent him every summer to spend his vacation in Mexico at my parents house, It took him only two summers to lear to speak spanish like a native, in middle school he tried for french and it was so easy for him to learn it.


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