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What is the meaning of Leghorn in Hindi?

Meaning of Leghorn in Hindi is : लेगहार्न

Definition of word Leghorn

  • the town of Livorno in Italy (proper noun)
    इटली में लिवोर्नो शहर

Examples of word Leghorn

  • Leghorn is most famous in the U.S. for its chicken, the most popular chicken in the world.
  • Cartoon chicken Foghorn Leghorn is leading strong opposition among Republican legislators against President Barack Obama's nomination to replace retiring Supreme Court justice David Souter.
  • If we do not make a stand we shall in a few weeks be asked to call Leghorn ‘Livorno,’ and the BBC will be pronouncing ‘Paris’ Paree.
  • But the real author of its greatness was Ferdinand I, who called Leghorn "his mistress".
  • To have a Leghorn was the thing; and Miss Hinsdale imported those of many qualities and prices, to suit customers.
  • I was going then to view at close quarters the port of Leghorn, which is famous for its mole and lighthouse and quarantine, the first of their kind in their time.
  • So we can go from here to Leghorn, which is the seaport for Florence, by the railroad, and there we can take a steamboat and go to Civita Vecchia, which is the seaport for Rome.
  • Nay at Leghorn, which is within a day's sailing of Corsica, and has a constant intercourse with it, I found people who dissuaded me from going thither, because it might be dangerous.
  • Leghorn, meaning to act with the other from the Riviera.
  • She wore always an enormous flat-brimmed "Leghorn" hat, trimmed with ostrich feathers.