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What is the meaning of Leora in Hindi?

Meaning of Leora in Hindi is :

Definition of word Leora

  • A female given name (proper noun)
    एक महिला को दिया गया नाम

Examples of word Leora

  • MSS Victor Hansen, this is Captain Leora McFadden of the heavy freighter Bearer of Burdens, outbound for Stableford.
  • Cousin Leora jumped out of her chair in terror, and even Mother dropped her fork.
  • "Leora is a pretty woman," Fearless said, following in my wake like a bullet coming after a moth.
  • It isn’t like Jeremiah made a nasty face or called Leora a name.
  • See also this paper by Leora Klapper, Luc Laeven and Raghuram Rajan on the effect of entry regulations.
  • Leora Kadisha, CEO of the style-centric social network StyledOn.com says Hironzen Sushi is truly an LA gem, hidden in a little strip mall.