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What is the meaning of Les in Hindi?

Meaning of Les in Hindi is :

Definition of word Les

  • A short form of the male given names Lester and Leslie. (proper noun)

Examples of word Les

  • _ In French: _Ceux dont on ignore le martyre (Les Yougo-Slaves et la guerre) _; _Les Yougo-Slaves -- Leur union nationale; Les Slovenes_ by Q. Krek; and the periodical _Bulletin
  • à la corbeille, Le chevalier qui faisait parler les muets, Le chevalier, sa dame et un clerc, Les trois dames, La gageure, Le prêtre d'Alison, La bourgeoise d'Orléans_ (Bédier, _Les Fabliaux_, 1895).
  • The film of this moment became widely circulated within Predica and popularized under the name Les Demoiselles de Bourges “The Damsels of Bourges”, a take-off on a well-known French movie called Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.
  • Of the last-mentioned excellent work there is a French translation, under the title Les origines de la confédération suisse (Bern, 1891).
  • He was, for example, the first three-star chef ever to list his holding company, Verdun et Cie, on the Paris bourse, and to use the eleven million euros of his initial public offering to completely renovate his country inn and create a string of fashionable bistros under the name Les Verdunières.