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What is the meaning of Lethe in Hindi?

Meaning of Lethe in Hindi is : वैतरणी नदी

Definition of word Lethe

  • The personification of oblivion, daughter of Eris; one of the rivers which flow through Hades, and from which the souls of the dead had to drink to forget their past lives spent on Earth. (proper noun)

Examples of word Lethe

  • “Myers,” presumably speaking through the medium, produced a stream of poetic, recondite associations from the word Lethe that meant nothing to the medium or the experimenter.
  • Myers, who died in 1901, was supposed to be communicating through Piper, so Dorr asked “Myers” what the word Lethe suggested to him.
  • Then, in 1910 another medium, Mrs. Willett in England, was questioned about the word Lethe.
  • I've only been aware of indie gay presses (not that Lethe is gay or anything) for the past three years.