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What is the meaning of Levant in Hindi?

Meaning of Levant in Hindi is : लैवेंट

Definition of word Levant

  • The countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean Sea variously: (proper-noun)
  • An easterly wind, generally in the western Mediterranean Sea (proper-noun)

Examples of word Levant

    • The word "Levant" comes from the French for "rising," pointing European eyes toward the lands of the eastern Mediterranean, where the sun rises.
    • Unfortunately I doubt the students know who Ezra Levant is and the vice-principal probably never gave them a chance to defend their shirts.
    • I know you have no problem with that and the fate of a block of desert in the Levant is well worth murdering every last dissenter for whatever reason, but I think sane people in the year 2007 might think differently.
    • Mary Shelley's The Last Man imagines a remote future in which the Mediterranean region, Greece and the Levant, is still a site of international conflict, as it was when Shelley wrote.
    • "on the coast of the Adriatic Sea (as he calls the Levant), _six_ miles from one another"; at last he got away to Constantinople, with some safely smuggled trophies of pilgrimage, and some "balsam in a calabash, covered with petroleum," but the customs officers would have killed all of them if the fraud had been found out -- so Willibald believed.


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