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What is the meaning of Liszt in Hindi?

Meaning of Liszt in Hindi is :

Definition of word Liszt

  • Hungarian composer, pianist and teacher (proper-noun)

Examples of word Liszt

  • All those pieces were unpublished in Liszt's lifetime, anyway: I know the Via Crucis wasn't published until something like 1929, and the Bagatelle similarly took a long while to turn up.
  • Our name Liszt in the Hungarian language means Flour: we will provide good wheaten meal "ex adipe frumenti" with thee, Franz, and thy children.
  • I called Liszt's article a criticism, but "lampoon" or "libel" would have been a more appropriate designation.
  • Soloist Lang Lang, whose latest CD is called "Liszt - My Piano Hero," put all his stunning technique, plus the dramatic body language for which he is famous, into a performance that Liszt, who practically invented the concept of showman, probably would have applauded.
  • In short, "Liszt 200" intends to present audiences with a persuasive new account of a familiar but often misunderstood composer.


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