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What is the meaning of Lloyd in Hindi?

Meaning of Lloyd in Hindi is :

Definition of word Lloyd

  • A surname of Welsh origin, from a nickname for someone with gray hair. (proper-noun)
  • A male given name transferred from the surname (proper-noun)

Examples of word Lloyd

  • EARL LLOYD TALK, Lloyd discusses his autobiography "Moonfixer: The Basketball Journey of Earl Lloyd." 6: 30-8: 30 p.m.,
  • And he's grateful that the name Lloyd starts with two L's.
  • I have no idea whether Lloyd is a man or a woman – if anyone can help, please let me know.
  • Lloyd is officially the worst day shift manager ever??
  • So here's a reliable rumor: when we were in Lloyd's in downtown Ajijic the other day, the rep told us that they would be moving that office to the new strip mall soon.


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