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What is the meaning of Lyme in Hindi?

Meaning of Lyme in Hindi is :

Definition of word Lyme

  • Lyme disease. (noun)
    लाइम की बीमारी।

Examples of word Lyme

  • Mr. Rodricks - if chronic lyme does not exist or is not the same as "late" lyme, then why is it that people with Lyme are never allowed to give blood again?
  • I go hunting up north in Minnesota (Lake Winnibegosh) my older brother got Lyme from the ticks up there.
  • On page 39 Elizabeth says, “After little more than a year in Lyme I’d come to appreciate the freedom a spinster with no male relatives about could have there.
  • Arthritis can be caused by tick bites, such as in Lyme's disease.
  • Lyme is towards forty miles from Dawlish, and would not be talked of there.
  • The Parade or "Walk," as it used to be called, runs along the foot of a green hill which "skirts the pleasant little bay" of Lyme from the town to the harbour.
  • Everywhere in Lyme and its neighbourhood there are tokens of the troublous times through which it has passed, from the conquest of the "Invincible Armada" to the home tragedy of
  • It was popular in Lyme Regis on England’s south coast and used as a fund-raising event for the local lifeboat.
  • Sequential task performance is compromised in Lyme.