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What is the meaning of Mace in Hindi?

Meaning of Mace in Hindi is : सोटा

Definition of word Mace

  • A brand of tear gas. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Mace

  • Hall to Palace Yard, I went, and with my two parcels, one weighting each arm, walked into this old place along a line of purple-dusted busts; I deposited my boxes on a table beside a massive brass thing lying there, which, I suppose, must be what they called the Mace; and I sat to hear.
  • "At first I thought it was about being really tired," says Massingill, 36, whose son, Mace, is now 7 months old.
  • While Mace is the point of the story, would it have really been that bad for either party to find a different parking place?
  • A legend spreads as Mace is able to have some success against an evil sorceror's summoning of the Vampyre Kings and other forces.
  • The Mace is kept under the Table until the new Speaker is elected.


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