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What is the meaning of Madeira in Hindi?

Meaning of Madeira in Hindi is : मेडियरा शराब

Definition of word Madeira

  • Island in the Atlantic Ocean and an autonomous region of Portugal. (proper noun)
    अटलांटिक महासागर में द्वीप और पुर्तगाल का एक स्वायत्त क्षेत्र।

Examples of word Madeira

  • Gonsalie, Jean de Morales, and some of the sailors pulled through the surf and set foot on the island, which they called Madeira, because it was so well wooded.
  • That race also was a qualifier for the World Championships, set for May 7 in Madeira
  • Jane's inheritance from the uncle in Madeira that Jane is actually a rather sassy, assertive teenager, who knows what is best for her and, very gracefully, refuses to take crap from anyone (though like her author she is a bit of a snob and racist) the repeated instances of the supernatural - prophetic dreams, culminating in her hearing Rochester call to her from a hundred miles away - which make it a magical rather than realistic novel that it is actually a very enjoyable book.
  • Madeira, where these nuts grow so abundantly that they have often been called Madeira-nuts.
  • "I say, Jack Vernon," sang out Larkyns to me, across the table, "I suppose you know why it is called Madeira?"
  • The king of the walnuts, _Juglans regia_, sometimes called Madeira walnut, Persian walnut, Spanish walnut and English walnut, is the finest of the nuts as far as the fruit is concerned, and is a handsome tree growing to immense size with large spreading branches and almost tropical foliage.
  • It is the chief affluent of the Madeira, which is itself the chief affluent of the Amazon.
  • The actual outposts of western occupation, then, were the Azores, which were discovered by Genoese sailors in the pay of Portugal early in the fourteenth century; the Canaries, which had been continuously discovered and rediscovered since the Phoenicians occupied them and Pliny chose them for his Hesperides; and Madeira, which is believed to have been discovered by an Englishman under the following very romantic and moving circumstances.