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What is the meaning of Marc in Hindi?

Meaning of Marc in Hindi is :

Definition of word Marc

  • The refuse matter that remains after fruit, particularly grapes, has been pressed. (noun)
  • An alcoholic spirit distilled from the marc of grapes. (noun)
  • A weight of various commodities, especially of gold and silver, used in different European countries. In France and Holland it was equal to eight ounces. (noun)
  • A coin formerly current in England and Scotland, equal to thirteen shillings and four pence. (noun)
  • A German coin and money of account; the mark. (noun)

Examples of word Marc

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  • A spirit distilled from the skins, stems, and pips of grapes after they are crushed and the juice is drawn off is called marc in France and grappa in Italy.
  • The marc is then thrown away, and to every gallon of the liquor, or must, as it is called, three pounds of lump sugar are added, and the whole is well stirred together; the tub is afterwards covered with a blanket, and the wine is left to ferment in a temperature of from 55° to 60°.
  • Hot water is then poured over the marc, in the proportion of two quarts of water to every gallon of the fruit before it was crushed; and, after remaining in the tub twelve hours, the marc is again pressed, and the water added to the liquor from the fruit.
  • It is then left to stand about six hours, when the mass, or marc, as it is called, is put into a coarse bag and pressed; more water is then poured over the marc, which is again pressed, till as much water has been added as will make the proportion in all four gallons of water to ten pounds of fruit.


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