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What is the meaning of Marguerite in Hindi?

Meaning of Marguerite in Hindi is : मार्गरीट

Definition of word Marguerite

  • An oxeye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare). (noun)

Examples of word Marguerite

  • Then I call marguerite a trail angel and she comes and drives me to the trail head.
  • Other entremets at these festivities were more fantastic: a court dwarf rode in on the back of a lion and was given to the bride, Margaret of York, to whom it sang a song and presented a daisy in French, marguerite; they were followed by a dromedary ridden by Indians who released live birds to fly around the hall.
  • While moving from one position to another as he suggested or commanded, she had playfully broken off one flower from a large plant of "marguerite" daisies growing in a quaint
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