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What is the meaning of Marguerite in Hindi?

Meaning of Marguerite in Hindi is : मार्गरीट

Definition of word Marguerite

  • A female given name borrowed from France in the 1860s. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Marguerite

  • (Soundbite of music) Mr. OLIVIER: (as Andrew Wyke) Forgive me for raising the matter, but as Marguerite is away for a few days in the north visiting relatives, I thought this might be an appropriate moment for you and me to have a little chat.
  • Unlike the original Camille, this Marguerite is not given to coughing, though members of the audience were.
  • A blurry Marguerite is standing beside a seated Marguerite whose body is so slight that it makes her look like her own dwarf twin.
  • Her violent act against poor Marguerite is testimony to that.
  • When I was about to be confirmed in the Catholic Church at the age of eleven, my father asked me to take the name of Marguerite as my confirmation name.


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