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What is the meaning of Marines in Hindi?

Meaning of Marines in Hindi is :

Definition of word Marines

  • The United States Marine Corps. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Marines

  • If being in the Marines is the only great thing about your life then you are indeed in a sad state of affairs.
  • Susie Briones said she is angry at what she described as the Marines' failure to adequately "decompress" him and other Marines when they come home from combat.
  • The film Taking Chance, exquisitely acted by Kevin Bacon, shows how young men and women are inspired to join the military as the highest achievement of their life -- a young friend of mine, who has just joined the Marines, is a case in point -- and that most Americans, stretching across the country as in Chance's final journey, recognize this and honor them.
  • And all his Sniper Training Bullshit with the Marines is nothing more than open competition that the Marines hold occasionally to give civilians a chance to out shoot their snipers and other shooting teams and are given Certificates that are Official looking as rewards for their shooting in an effort to draw young qualified shooters into the
  • The picture on page 14 identifies in its caption Marines from the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine


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