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What is the meaning of Matera in Hindi?

Meaning of Matera in Hindi is :

Definition of word Matera

  • A province of Basilicata, Italy. (proper noun)
    बेसिलिकाटा, इटली का एक प्रांत।

Examples of word Matera

  • I must say that La Matera is actually a very nice place and very popular restaurant and they have a wood burning pizza oven so I'll go back there.
  • Next we drove through the lush, green countryside of Campania to Basilicata, the poorest of the Italian provinces, to the cave town called Matera, once the shame of Italy.
  • La Matera, Av. México #2891, at the corner of Calle Nelson.
  • There are costumes from multiple productions of "Ragtime," as well as pieces made for famous faces—the label of one coat indicates that it was made by New York's legendary costume house Barbara Matera for Patti LuPone in a 2008 Encore production of "Gypsy."
  • I have been told it is owned by the people who have La Matera. sioux4noff