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What is the meaning of Maud in Hindi?

Meaning of Maud in Hindi is : मॉड

Definition of word Maud

  • A female given name. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Maud

  • The name Maud sounds old-fashioned and sort of stately, which is charming in view of the freckly, bouncy, red-haired Maud I knew and liked, who had been Northern Illinois Women’s Ping-Pong Champion three years in a row.
  • Again Maud rectified the twist with the watch-tackle, and again she lowered away from the windlass.
  • You can learn more in Maud's "canned bio," which also reveals that she was once a lawyer.
  • ‘It may interest you to know that my sister Maud is shortly to be married.’
  • She says it 's selfish; and I don't do it now much, put in Maud, with a virtuous air.


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