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What is the meaning of Maude in Hindi?

Meaning of Maude in Hindi is :

Definition of word Maude

  • A female given name; a less common spelling of Maud. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Maude

  • Almost the entire day did Louis pass in what he termed Maude's library, where, poring over books or busy with his pencil, he whiled the hours away without a sigh for the green fields and shadowy woods, through which he could never hope to ramble.
  • Maude is also right that elected ministers should not devolve controversial decisions out of squeamishness? although I note the Independent Reconfiguration Panel, set up so health ministers wouldn't have to take flak about merging hospitals in their own or colleagues 'constituencies, stays.
  • Francis Maude is a mid-ranking hereditary politician, whose dad, Angus, was the mascot of Mrs T's first cabinet; he is perfectly decent, courteously hapless in a nice way, just like dad.
  • Norman Lear was talking about some of this stuff in Maude and All in the Family.
  • “She's with The Dude somewhere, man,” the Oscar nominee said of what Maude is up to ten years later.


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