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What is the meaning of Mayme in Hindi?

Meaning of Mayme in Hindi is :

Definition of word Mayme

Examples of word Mayme

  • If looks could mayme an killifie – that wun would do it!
  • Growing up in Noietnamese fish dishes with local salmon instead of mayme, Alaska my mother has adapted a lot of Vietnamese cuisines with local caught food.
  • If the Soveraign command a man (though justly condemned,) to kill, wound, or mayme himselfe; or not to resist those that assault him; or to abstain from the use of food, ayre, medicine, or any other thing, without which he cannot live; yet hath that man the Liberty to disobey.
  • Spanishe kinge shall be lefte bare as Aesops proude crowe, the peacocke, the perot, the pye, and the popingey, and every other birde havinge taken home from him his gorgeous fethers, he will, in shorte space, become a laughinge stocke for all the worlde; with such a mayme to the Pope and to that side, as never hapned to the sea of Rome by the practise of the late
  • When your seized, you don't run ... and if u dont like that answer, mayme he wasnt wearing a seatbelt .... and if that the case, he is definitely seized ..


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