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What is the meaning of Meir in Hindi?

Meaning of Meir in Hindi is :

Definition of word Meir

Examples of word Meir

  • Dana Igvy gives a poignant portrayal of Mali while Ro'i Asaf's characterization of her brother, Meir, is so obnoxious that few will mourn his death.
  • The only drawback of Aer-O-Scope, said Bar-Meir, is that it can be used only for diagnostic purposes – to find pre-cancerous polyps – but not to remove them, which is done in a colonoscopy.
  • Sounds like a case for “acoustic separation”, the term Meir Dan-Cohen used in a classic law review article for the notion that sometimes it would be nice if conduct rules (the rules of law as understood by the public subject to those rules) and decision rules (the rules of law as understood by the judges who apply them) could have different substantive content.
  • "Meir," she exclaimed, "and from where does this sorrow come to your heart?"
  • "Meir," whispered Ber, "look at the people!" and then he added in a still lower voice: "Depart from this place as quickly as you can."


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