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  • Here's a paper that Chip (who is a professor at Stanford University) and two of his colleagues wrote several years ago for the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, titled Emotional Selection in Memes: The Case of Urban Legends.
  • A brief history of Internet Memes from the Trojan Room Coffee Pot, 1993 (They had memes then?
  • Insurgent Unleashes Teh Internets On Teh iPhone - Insurgent Games has just released teh internets - Attack of the Memes for the iPhone, filled with enough lolcats, lollerskates, and trolls to fill at least one forum topic. teh internets - Attack of the Memes is a shooter for the iPhone in which you navigate what is probably the closest you'll ever come to a graphical interpretation of your ...
  • "Memes" (e.g., ideas, rituals, tunes, cultural fads, etc.) can replicate and spread from brain to brain, and many of the same evolutionary principles that apply to genes apply to memes as well.