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What is the meaning of Mir in Hindi?

Meaning of Mir in Hindi is : मीर

Definition of word Mir

  • A Russian village community. (noun)

Examples of word Mir

  • Â Ich bin mir sicher, dass die Readers Edition in wenigen Monaten ganz anders aussehen wird als heute.
  • On his first visit he said he saw the words 'mir' - Croatian for peace - appear in the sky.
  • - "Mistaken For A Mistress" by Kristi Gold and "Gebiete sanfte Herrin mir" by Andrea Schacht.
  • The mir was the only means to prevent this, and mir meant serfdom under another name.
  • Gradually these gentlemen looked upon the land of the mir as their own property, but the peasants never did lose the conviction that the mir was the real proprietor.


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