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What is the meaning of Miss in Hindi?

Meaning of Miss in Hindi is : युवती

Definition of word Miss

  • To fail to hit. (verb)
  • To feel the absence of someone or something, sometimes with regret. (verb)
  • To fail to understand or have a shortcoming of perception. (verb)
  • To fail to attend. (verb)
  • To be late for something (a means of transportation, a deadline etc). (verb)
  • To fail to score (a goal). (verb)
  • A failure to hit. (noun)
  • A failure to obtain or accomplish. (noun)
  • An act of avoidance. (noun)
  • A title of respect for a young woman (usually unmarried) with or without a name used. (noun)
  • An unmarried woman; a girl. (noun)

Examples of word Miss

  • "I beg your pardon, Miss Margaret; were you asleep, miss?"
  • When he was small, our son—your grandson—used to confuse the word love with the word miss.
  • Whether this "miss" is due to son Todd (Anne's heir apparent to the Pern empire) is difficult to say.
  • The point that you miss is that there is only one thing that scares the GOP leadership, and that is “the base stays home or takes the ball elsewhere”.
  • The thing that many people seem to miss is that post-traumatic stress is an injury.


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