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What is the meaning of Monique in Hindi?

Meaning of Monique in Hindi is :

Definition of word Monique

  • A female given name from the French form of Monica. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Monique

  • "Monique is such a key for us for so many reasons," Goestenkors said.
  • And so when a few of them called me Bonita, I assumed they just couldn’t wrap their mouths around the name Monique, either, and I can kinda see how people might confuse the two.
  • i really think Anna should have won Monique is annying blaaah!
  • “You remember your cousin Monique, don’t you, Danielle?”
  • A new girl called Monique, for once a real Frenchwoman and not a phony, had started a few weeks previously.


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