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What is the meaning of Mossad in Hindi?

Meaning of Mossad in Hindi is :

Definition of word Mossad

  • The national intelligence agency of Israel. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Mossad

  • LAMB: You tell the story about how you tried to find out what they call the Mossad when they deal with it publicly.
  • The CIA/Mossad is behind the current termoil 100%.
  • Either they are not consider Hamas leaders or the Mossad is incompetent.
  • Piper added that the Mossad role alongside certain Mossad-allied elements was the 'missing link that explained the entirety of the assassination conspiracy of John Kennedy.'
  • Kurdish and Iraqi sources report that Israel’s Mossad is working hand-in-hand with Israeli companies and “tourists” to stake a claim to the Jewish “properties” of Israel in Iraq.


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