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What is the meaning of Nelly in Hindi?

Meaning of Nelly in Hindi is :

Definition of word Nelly

  • A spelling variant of Nellie, a diminutive of the female given names Eleanor and Helen. (proper-noun)
  • One of the Frazier Islands where nellies breed. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Nelly

    • Nelly is from Webgrrls and is @DigitalWoman on Twitter.
    • The case takes place in the air as Mac investigates the murder of an air marshal on his flight to D.C. •Where Nelly is playing a part on NY, Kenny G is playing himself on Dirty Sexy Money (ABC, 10 ET/PT) in what amounts to a performing cameo.
    • Well, this new song by Timbaland which features Justin and Nelly is the topping on the cake.
    • Sometimes when it was raining they called Nelly to come over.
    • So a few days later, I called Nelly and asked her to explain, as best she could, why their lives had diverged so.


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