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What is the meaning of Nero in Hindi?

Meaning of Nero in Hindi is :

Definition of word Nero

  • Roman Emperor from 54 to 68, and the last Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Nero

  • Dearest Jane, - I am so glad poor dear little 'Nero' is found.
  • The duty to police premises is actually fairly narrow and the question at issue in Nero (as later reinterpreted) though is basically, once you start policing premises due to a specific event, where does ceasing to do so incur liability?
  • Although this case likewise involves a landlord-tenant relationship, Nero is different from this case as it involved a rape in the context of a student/university relationship and the university possessed concrete information concerning previous alleged criminal conduct.
  • In particular, the court held that in Nero, as a matter of law, moving Davenport to an all male dorm was a reasonable precaution and that only when he was allowed to reside in a co-ed dorm once again was there any possibility of liability.
  • Oddly in Nero, I am left with the idea that if the college had not moved Mr Davenport to an all male dorm, summary judgement would have been an easy call on behalf of the college ....


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