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What is the meaning of Ness in Hindi?

Meaning of Ness in Hindi is : अंतरीप

Definition of word Ness

  • An Ulster princess and the mother of Conchobar mac Nessa and Findchoem in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. Daughter of Eochaid Sálbuide. Also the mother of Cormac Cond Longas by incest with Conchobar mac Nessa. (proper noun)

Examples of word Ness

  • Nora Ness is a German photographer and model who seeks to show “pure emotions and true erotic feelings” through her work.
  • Here is where I find the conversation of a young hip hop artist by the name of Ness to be worth considering.
  • Reserve defensive back Nate Ness is also moving from safety to cornerback.
  • Munger appointed to "Truth Squad;" Mayor Ness is an Idiot!
  • Ness is a model taken from the Nintendo64 game Super Smash Bros.
  • Loch Ness is surrounded by myth and mystery, as it is the largest and deepest inland expanse of water in Britain.
  • Loch Ness is narrow, cold, and deep, and given to illusions of light and shadow, wind and mist.
  • Considering that Fitzgerald was involved in prosecuting actual mobsters in New York, the reference to Eliot Ness is quite appropriate.