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What is the meaning of Nigerian in Hindi?

Meaning of Nigerian in Hindi is :

Definition of word Nigerian

  • A person from Nigeria or of Nigerian descent. (noun)
  • Of, from, or pertaining to Nigeria, the Nigerian people or culture. (adjective)

Examples of word Nigerian

    • DORA AKUNYILI, NIGERIAN MINISTER OF INFORMATION: Nigerian security agencies are working hand in hand with international security agencies on this matter.
    • * to embark on an international campaign together with our international allies, of sanctions against the NIGERIAN REGIME, in particular the total boycott of Nigerian oil.
    • With that, your government also took over the enormous debt created by Landsbanki through what you refer to as a Nigerian money scam.
    • Please, tell those Criminals Leaders in Nigerian that it time for them to stop stealing all the resources in Nigerian, Living lavish life while the masses laugish is sever Poverty while the send the Children to the best schools around the world.
    • I didnÂ’t know there was a worldwide popularity in Nigerian writers.


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