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What is the meaning of Night in Hindi?

Meaning of Night in Hindi is : शाम

Definition of word Night

  • The goddess of the night in Heathenry. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Night

  • 'Darker Provinces of the Night' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = '\'Darker Provinces of the Night\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: If you\'re not angry, sad, ashamed or so jaded by now that all such emotions feel tired, used up, even absurd-maybe you\'ve been living a dream.
  • Jimmy Fallon, who is replacing fellow Saturday Night Live alum Conan O'Brien as the host of NBC's \ "Late Night\" talk show, poses for a photograph in his Rockefeller Center office, Monday.
  • November 23 may well go down in history as Venezuela's 'Night of the Chamelions' when true colors are struck to the mast yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'November 23 may well go down in history as Venezuela\'s \'Night of the Chamelions\' when true colors are struck to the mast '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: Admonished to "be careful" what he says or writes, since no one knows on what blacklist he could end up! '
  • HPFacebookVoteV2. init (421964, 'Lessons From Late Night', 'I\'v gotta admit its been fun to watch the huge cluster f&*k that is the new NBC \ "Late Night\" wars.
  • /Film points out that the title Night and Day also mysteriously appears on an unofficial Michael Giacchino fan site as a 2010 animated short directed by Teddy Newton for which Giacchino will be composing music.


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